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By on January 23, 2017

Hers To Command, the next story in the cyborg series, is releasing February 14th (Valentine’s Day). It is available for pre-order now.

This week, I’ll be sharing the second scene in the first chapter.

You can read the first scene here: http://tasteofcyn.com/2017/01/16/hers-to-command-first-scene/


They separated slightly as they approached, allowing her to walk between them. She passed them. Their fingertips brushed along the back of her hands, skimming over her knuckles. She shuddered, the impact felt to her toes.

Then she realized what had happened.

She was the commander and they had dared to touch her.

“Warriors.” Carys turned.

And smacked face first into the space traffic officer.

“Sorry, Commander.” The male straightened. “I didn’t mean to hit you.” She stepped to her right. He stepped to his left, his expression earnest. “I wasn’t paying attention and–”

“Stand still, Officer,” she barked.

He froze.

She shifted until he no longer blocked her view and scanned the corridor. The males were gone. They must have entered one of the chambers positioned along the narrow space.

“Those two males who passed us—do they report to you?” She frowned at her officer.

“No, Commander.”

Of course he didn’t know them. Carys gritted her teeth. That would have been too easy. She turned and stalked toward her private chambers. Weariness weighed on her shoulders and affected her judgment. She had to rest before she said something she’d regret.

Her space traffic officer followed her, chattering about the increased staffing he required. Maybe she should assign the two warriors to the docking bay. The lack of fighting there would be punishment for touching her.

If they had touched her. She was so exhausted; she was no longer certain.

It didn’t make sense for two subordinates to take that action. She might not know them but they would know her. She was their commander.

Even if they didn’t recognize her, her uniform would have relayed her status. Disrespecting a superior officer was a fast route to a demotion.

Why would they risk that?

And what was their reward? They’d touched her hands, the most accessible part of her body. If they had extended their open palms in greeting, she would have grasped them. That would have been acceptable contact with a superior.

Fingers had grazed over each of her hands. Their touching was synchronized. What were the odds that both of the warriors would take that risk at the same time?

Very low.

Fuck. She was tired, couldn’t think straight. Carys wanted to rub her hands over her face but she couldn’t. It would be seen as weakness, might worry her crew.

Everyone always watched her, trying to read her secrets, foresee her commands.

Carys arrived at the entrance to her private chambers. Her space traffic officer continued to talk, his chatter a stream of words she couldn’t comprehend, filling her sleep-deprived brain.

“We’ll discuss this next shift, Officer.” She dismissed him.

The male wandered away.

She placed her hand on the control panel. The doors opened. She stepped over the threshold. The doors closed.

Carys exhaled noisily, sagging against the wall. She had peace and quiet and complete privacy. Her chambers were soundproof, due to the secrecy of the information she was entrusted with, and they were secure, one of the safest spots on the battle station.

Viewscreens covered almost every vertical surface, allowing her to survey key areas of the vessel. There was a chair and a horizontal support positioned in a corner for completing work in solitude. Containers held the few personal items she had. A large sleeping support dominated the other side of the space, a relic of the previous commander, a male with a reputation for wild sexual encounters.

She’d never shared it with anyone. Ever. She couldn’t remember the last time she was held, touched in a romantic way.

Her thoughts returned to the two large males.

They were young, fit, handsome. Carys removed her boots, her uniform, folding the garment into a neat square, placing it on the horizontal support. If she wasn’t the commander, if she’d had fewer solar cycles of living, she might have invited the warriors back to her chambers.

Both of them.


Read the next scene here (available January 30th): http://tasteofcyn.com/2017/01/30/hers-to-command-third-scene/


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Three Battered Hearts. One Perfect Love

Ace and Thrasher share a special bond. They’ve never acknowledged that connection and have never fully acted on it. The Humanoid Alliance kill cyborg males like them, deeming the warriors to be defective. Now that Ace and Thrasher have escaped, they don’t trust the cyborg council and their brethren to react any differently. Physical love is too risky for them to consider.

Until they meet her.

Carys is the Commander of a Rebel Battle Station. She has dedicated her lifespan to seeking vengeance against the Humanoid Alliance and the cyborgs who killed her daughter. On her battle station, she makes the rules, and if she wants to kiss, touch, and pleasure two mysterious warriors, she will. Nothing, not even enemy warships and a mass cyborg rebellion, can stop her.

In the midst of a war, enemies can become lovers and loyalties can change in a moment. Can a forbidden relationship between two cautious cyborgs and one unbending human Commander survive?

Hers To Command is Book 8 in the Cyborg Sizzle series.
Due to the number of returning characters in this story, you’ll enjoy Hers To Command more if you’ve read the other stories first.
This is a MMF BBW Cyborg SciFi Romance.

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