Cyn-Sights: Fangs In Fur And Fangs In Frosting

By Cynthia Sax on January 6, 2013

Some reading buddies have asked if Fangs In Fur (releasing January 17th) is related to Fangs In Frosting.

All of my stories can be read on their own (or out of order) but these two stories ARE in the same series.

Helena, the heroine of Fangs In Fur, makes a brief appearance in Fangs In Frosting. She gives Viktor the vampire recipe book.

In Fangs In Fur, we find out that Helena is the librarian… I mean archives administrator for the vampire council. That’s how she knew about the vampire recipe book.

Helena and Charlotte (or luscious Lottie) have become friends (who can resist Charlotte?) so Charlotte makes appearances throughout the story, being her usual bubbly happy self.

Nico, the scarred badass vampire from Fangs In Frosting, also makes an appearance in Fangs In Fur. He continues to gather favors.

So yes, Fangs In Fur can be read on its own, but readers of Fangs In Frosting will meet up with (VERY) old friends.

By Cynthia Sax
Coming Soon From Changeling Press
Fangs In Fur

I’m Helena and I’m no delicate flower, my rough touch making former paranormal lovers cry. I’m looking for someone big and strong and preferably not a wolf, especially not that alpha wolf I have stalking me.

I’m not attracted to him — no matter how wide his shoulders or how high his pain tolerance. I’m not that foolish. Lasting relationships between wolves and vampires are forbidden, and this male has the gleam of forever in his wild eyes. He is determined to make me his mate and that, I know, will break the fragile peace between our species.

There’s a thin, blood-red line between enemies and lovers. I’m about to cross it.
Coming Soon:

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