Ghost Of A Machine – Third Scene

By on May 1, 2017

Ghost Of A Machine will be releasing on May 16th (it is available for pre-order now!).

I’ve been sharing scenes from the first chapter.

You can read the first scene here:

This is the third scene.


Images, memories, words flooded Ghost’s organic brain. It was too much, overwhelming.


The first face to dominate his thoughts was of a young female. She had chubby cheeks, brown curly hair, had four or five solar cycles. The little female clung to her mother’s hand and stared up, up, up at Ghost with awe and wonder.

Ours. Ghost felt that truth deep in his soul. The little female belonged to him in the same way the K Model cyborg belonged to him. It was his role to protect her.

He didn’t know how.

If he swept her into his arms and ran, carrying her to safety as he desperately wanted to, he’d be disobeying orders. Worse than that, he’d be acting on his own.

The Humanoid Alliance would know cyborgs weren’t mindless killing machines. They would realize cyborgs weren’t completely under the humans’ control.

His brethren, the cyborgs standing by his side, perhaps all the cyborgs under Humanoid Alliance command, would be deemed defective and killed.

He held the little female’s gaze, watching, waiting for an opportunity to save her.

“Kill them,” a male officer told his subordinate.

The male looked at the officer and then at the two unarmed females. He gulped, his Adam’s apple bobbing. His face was pale. His gun shook.

“Fuck.” The officer grabbed his subordinate’s gun. “I’ll do it.”

It took all of Ghost’s willpower not to move, not to grab the little female.

The officer pulled the trigger. The projectile struck the little female in the forehead, killing her instantly. Her eyes, remaining trained on Ghost, widened. She fell. Her mother screamed.

The images were memories, date-stamped as occurring many hundreds of solar cycles ago, but his processors had captured them perfectly, every detail intact; he felt the death as though it had just happened.

Ghost howled through his transmission lines, bellowing with grief, the force of his failure hitting him hard. She had belonged to him and he’d allowed her to die.

The officer shot the mother and handed the gun back to his subordinate. “That’s how you do it.” He smirked.

Ghost’s urge to kill increased.

The scene changed.

A blue fur-covered female hid behind a downed ship. Projectiles zinged around her, puncturing the metal panels, blasting holes in her makeshift shield.

Ours. That knowledge filled Ghost with dread. The Humanoid Alliance officers swaggering behind him would have spotted her. She could be seen even with their ineffective human visual system. There was no way to hide her, to save her.

The female bravely fired back at them, earning his admiration. She was strong, worthy of his protection.

Again, he didn’t know how to safeguard her. His machine evaluated and discarded solutions.

Having no other option, Ghost marched toward her, his apprehension increasing with every step. His cyborg brethren were positioned to his right and to his left. They formed a line of warriors no humanoid could defeat.

His stomach twisted. She would die.

He would fail her, fail his kind. No Humanoid Alliance torture could equal this, knowing a being he was destined to protect would be harmed, killed.

When the projectile hit her in the chest, he emotionally crumpled, gutted, his insides hollowed out. The pain was acute, fresh, slicing through him like a blade.

And it didn’t end.

Failure after failure, death after death, was revisited, the agony building. The females had all belonged to him. And they were all dead.

Because he had failed them. Guilt, sorrow, grief cascaded over Ghost.

There was nothing he could do to stop it, no steps he could take to save the dead females, to reverse the damage he’d done.


Read the next scene (available May 8th) here:


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Fragile. Stubborn. His.

Ghost, a C Model cyborg, has disconnected his machine from his human side. Severely damaged, he knows two things—the curvy human female on his ship belongs to him and he must keep her safe. He’ll stop at nothing to protect her, claim her, make her his.

Primitive. Damaged. Hers.

Lethe has seen the savage side of beings. The courageous Rebel captain has never met a male like Ghost. Overpoweringly dominant, he appeals to her on a primal level, filling her mind with thoughts of sweet surrender, hard kisses, and body-heating encounters against the warship’s walls.

They are two broken beings, one determined to protect, the other intent on flying into danger. Can love heal them both before they face their common enemy?

Ghost Of A Machine is Book 9 in the Cyborg Sizzle series and is a STAND-ALONE story.
It is also a BBW Cyborg SciFi Romance.

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    I knew I should have waited…this made me cry for him! He’s south a protector!

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    Oh, Cyn. Good gravy. I can already tell this one is gonna break my heart and put it back together. Sigh

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