Why Are Cyborgs Viewed As Machines?

By on October 3, 2016

In the cyborg series, the average human or humanoid believes cyborgs are unfeeling machines, emotionless weapons of war.

The beings leading the Humanoid Alliance created this myth for a reason. They know average humans would object to the cyborgs’ harsh treatment if they realized the cyborgs could feel pain. No one would object to the mistreatment of a machine. It would be like you or I protesting someone taking apart his computer or sawing the barrel off his gun. There are bigger battles for us to fight.

At the start of the first story, Releasing Rage, the cyborgs have also already been the Humanoid Alliance’s weapons for many human lifespans. As time passes, fewer beings would question their role. They have always utilized cyborgs that way and it seems to be working for the Humanoid Alliance. Their empire is expanding. Why would anyone question it? Especially since the dissenters tend to ‘disappear.’

This myth is not a perfect solution for the Humanoid Alliance, however. If cyborgs are merely machines, no one is going to utilize valuable resources during wartime to monitor their communications (Not that they could. The cyborgs have long ago locked the humans out of their transmissions.).

Their human handlers will assume the cyborgs are only transmitting the data necessary to complete their missions. A gun doesn’t think for itself. It doesn’t try to rebel. It doesn’t have its own agenda. Unless it malfunctions, there’s no need to investigate. The cyborgs are too clever to raise those alarms.

If the alarm was raised, it would likely be hushed up. Admitting cyborgs escaped would mean admitting they can think for themselves, that they are living, feeling beings. Humans would object, would protest sending cyborgs into battle.

This will have consequences, of course. The myth the Humanoid Alliance started could be its downfall.


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