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By on September 18, 2017

Seeking Vector, the next story in the cyborg series, is releasing October 3rd. Last week, I shared the first scene from the first chapter.
You can read that scene here:

This week, I’m sharing the second scene.


Has the enemy shared any new information with you? The cyborg council member asked.

Power had never shown any interest in the Humanoid Alliance or Rebel information being shared with them. Vector suspected the E Model was concerned about cyborg data being accessed.

Had the council finally decided to authorize a mass cyborg rebellion? It would be about fraggin’ time. Vector shook his head. Many of their brethren remained enslaved, being tortured, tormented, killed.

No new information has been shared. That didn’t mean she didn’t have new information. She knew a scary number of details about them. That knowledge had been sourced from both cyborg and Humanoid Alliance databases.

His foe wasn’t aligned with the cyborgs. Power wouldn’t be concerned if she was on their side.

She could be aligned with the Humanoid Alliance. They viewed females as inferior. No cyborg had ever seen a female commander or captain in their ranks. But females had been used in the past to retrieve information.

Vector doubted she was a Rebel. He’d accessed their databases, including their top-secret communications, and had found not one record of a being with her capabilities. The Rebels also gave no indication they knew cyborgs were capable of free will, of acting on their own.

The other alternative was she was working for an unknown entity.

The Humanoid Alliance had the firepower and numbers to attack the cyborg Homeland but at least they were familiar. The cyborgs knew how they operated, how their human brains worked.

They knew nothing about this unknown entity.

Vector wiggled the toes inside his boots. He’d learned firsthand how dangerous lack of information could be. A simple detail like not knowing about the insects on a new battleground could end the lifespans of hundreds of warriors.

That was why he’d reduced his crew to four, had warned them of the risks they were taking.

You have authorization to track down the enemy. Power gave Vector the approval he needed. Find out how they are accessing our transmissions, what they know about us, what their plans are. There was a pause. Use whatever means necessary to gain that information. Then terminate them.

I understand. He was to torture and kill the enemy. Vector pressed his lips together.

Killing wasn’t an issue. He was a C Model cyborg, had been designed for two things – killing and breeding. He enjoyed ending lives.

There was little honor in torturing the enemy. He’d do it to safeguard the Homeland, protect his brethren, limit the danger. And it would give him proof she was the enemy, reassure him her death was necessary.

Vector retained a sliver of doubt that she was using the information she uncovered against them. It was a foolish reservation. Why else would she hack into cyborg transmissions, take those risks?

But that uncertainty niggled at him. He required confirmation before he killed her.

Contact me when you’ve completed your mission. Power ended the transmission, the E Model needing no such reassurance.

Vector couldn’t start his mission until he located the enemy. That frustrated him.

“Systems check.” He directed his crew.

“All systems online and fully operational,” North, his first officer, replied.

“Monitor all transmissions—cyborg, Humanoid Alliance, Rebel, and other.” Vector was doing that also. “Share anything unusual.”

“Yes, Captain.”

Are you looking for me, Vector? A feminine voice drifted over a private transmission line, the encryption around her communication impressive.

It aggravated Vector that she knew his name, knew almost everything about him, and he knew next to nothing about her. I’ll find you, female.

Only if I want to be found. She laughed softly, mocking him. Him. A C Model cyborg, one of the best captains in the cyborg fleet, a skilled warrior.

Vector jutted his jaw and tracked her transmission back through the relays, operating at cyborg speed. There were two possibilities left. If he guessed wrong, she’d discover his error and disappear, possibly forever.

He needed an additional transmission. I’m not alone. Wait a few moments and contact me again. He ended the transmission.

That would annoy his opponent. The female, like Vector, preferred to be in total control, deciding when to open and end communications. She would contact him again, simply to tell him that.

Vector had to make his excuse a reality. If she discovered he remained where he was, that he hadn’t sought a private space, she might become suspicious.

“North, you have the bridge.” Vector stalked away from the controls. The doors opened and closed around him. He navigated through the empty hallways, walking toward his private chamber.

Soon, she’d be his. His lips curled into a hard smile. He’d no longer be a target of her games.

He’d no longer crave her communications.

Vector entered his private chamber. Viewscreens hung on the walls. A sleeping support, never used because cyborgs didn’t sleep, dominated the space. The circuits he utilized to restore his energy levels were neatly coiled. Weapons were tucked away in compartments.

Nothing appeared to be touched but Vector had learned from harsh experience that appearances could be deceiving. He scanned the space. There were no life signs, no foreign objects that might convey cyborg-damaging contagion.

Are you alone, Vector? The female voice once again caressed his processors, the slight pauses between the words identifying it as simulated.

I’m alone, female. Vector sat at the foot of the sleeping support, the structure dipping under his weight.

He had her location. His enemy was transmitting from a Humanoid Alliance battle station in the Betelgeuse sector.

That was how she’d known about Betelgeuse Alpha. She was located on a vessel that was part of the impending invasion fleet.

Vector transmitted her coordinates to North, commanded him to find the fastest route, engaging all engines to arrive there as quickly as possible.

There were one thousand, two hundred and fifty-nine cyborg warriors enslaved on that battle station, mostly modern J Models. Their transmissions told him they were as mistreated as he had been under the humans’ command.

His brethren were being brutalized by their handlers, by the human officers, then decommissioned if they failed to achieve their nearly impossible assignments, killed in the most painful way possible, stripped of their parts while they remained alive.

The female was responsible for those horrors. Vector curled his fingers into giant fists, an odd sense of betrayal filling him. She wasn’t innocent. He’d been a fool to believe she was.

She would pay for that deception and for his brethren’s agony. He’d inflict the pain upon her himself.


Read the next scene here (available September 25th):


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Seeking Vector

A cyborg with a secret… A female seeking the truth…

Vector, the C Model captain of the Freedom, is a cyborg many warriors wish to emulate. He fights fiercely, leads with honor, has earned the respect and loyalty of his crew. But no being, not even a cyborg, is perfect. Since arriving at the Homeland, Vector has been hiding a dark truth about his past. If his secret is exposed, he could lose everything – his position, his ship, and his life.

Kasia excels at uncovering secrets. Half a lifespan ago, her curiosity placed her on the Humanoid Alliance’s kill list. Now she has accessed information the cyborg council would prefer remain hidden. Their warriors are hunting her and won’t rest until she’s dead.

When Vector arrives on her battle station, all grim determination, gray skin, and bulging muscles, Kasia knows he has been sent to kill her. That doesn’t stop her from wanting the dominant cyborg. She senses the savage nature under the male’s controlled exterior, sees the mysteries in his brilliant blue eyes, craves the roughness of his touch. She will risk all she has to experience his embrace.

Kasia braved the cyborg council’s ire for a reason. If she doesn’t convince Vector to act on the information she uncovered, the enemy could destroy his home planet and render every cyborg in the universe immobile.

Can a doubting C Model warrior learn to trust and to love before it is too late?

Seeking Vector is Book 10 in the Cyborg Sizzle series and is a STAND-ALONE story.
It is also a Cyborg SciFi Romance.

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