First Scene From Seeking Vector

By on September 11, 2017

Seeking Vector, the next story in the cyborg series, is releasing October 3rd. While we wait for release day, I figured I’d share the first chapter.

This week, I’m sharing the first scene of the first chapter.


Chapter One

She was the enemy, a threat to the Homeland.

Once Vector uncovered the identity of the female hacking the cyborg transmissions and tracked her location, he would stop her.


Vector stood on the bridge of his warship, his hands clenched behind his back. He stared at the cyborg-claimed planet, its image dominating the main viewscreen. Since escaping the cruel control of the Humanoid Alliance many human lifespans ago, he had vowed to protect the Homeland.

And he would…even if that meant ending his transmission exchanges with his intriguing adversary.

With the intriguing adversary, he mentally corrected. The female was unlikely to be his, to be the one being genetically compatible with him.

He wasn’t certain of that fact. His opponent had used a simulated voice on the transmissions. But it was improbable she was his female.

“The last shuttle has left the docking bay, Captain.” Truth informed him. The rarely serious male tapped his fingertips against the embedded control panel to the left of Vector.

Preparing to strike as soon as he located the enemy, Vector had transferred all but a minimal crew to other ships. Truth, yearning for battle, had retained his position as navigation officer, his duties expanded to encompass vacant roles. North, the first officer, was at his regular post to Vector’s right. Doc had left his medical bay to assist on the bridge.

“Chuckles, this is a warship, not a pleasure vessel.” Vector barked at the surly D Model seated in front of him.

That male completed his crew. He wasn’t as defective as Vector but he wasn’t fully functional either. The warrior had been damaged in battle, favored one of his knees.

Chuckles covered his bare left leg once more with body armor. “Sorry, Captain.”

He must have been sorry. Cyborgs couldn’t lie. Judging by his tone, he hadn’t been sorry about his informal appearance on the bridge, however.

He should have been. They had rules for a reason and Vector didn’t tolerate anyone disrespecting him or his vessel.

C Model captains were rare in the cyborg fleet. Big, primitive, prone to anger and reckless behavior, Vector’s kind was more suited to hand-to-hand combat, to taking action. They seldom issued orders, didn’t enjoy watching from a distance as others stormed into battle.

It had taken rigorous self-discipline and a ruthless adherence to regulations for Vector to carve out his place, a place he could protect, defend, control. He expected the same restraint from his crew.

Chuckles stretched out his legs, slouching in the chair, and Vector’s lips twisted. The D Model must have the ability to be obedient. The Humanoid Alliance would have decommissioned him if he had ignored their commands. He had clearly hidden his contempt for authority under a blank expression.

Vector didn’t blame him. There was little to admire in the Humanoid Alliance officers’ commands. He would have to earn Chuckles’ respect.

As he had earned the respect of the many warriors before him.

You’ve requested permission to leave your post and enter Humanoid Alliance space. Power, the leader of the cyborg council, transmitted on a secured private line. Have you located the source of the breach?

I will locate the source soon. Vector knew aggravatingly little about their enemy.

Based upon the voice she’d chosen to communicate with and her constant flirting, she was female. She was also one of the most technologically skilled beings he’d ever encountered. He would have guessed she was a cyborg—her knowledge base was that advanced—except she didn’t have the ability to process and respond to multiple transmissions.

His opponent concentrated on one conversation within the same duration and that conversation was usually with him. As far as Vector could detect, she communicated with him exclusively, sending him transmissions multiple times a planet rotation.

Being a possessive C Model, he liked that. Too much.

Once I’ve pinpointed the being’s location, I plan to take action immediately. His adversary was highly intelligent, hiding her location with relayed transmissions, concealing her true voice. Any delay might result in her slipping away from him.

You will locate the source soon. Power’s voice rose. It has been over thirty planet rotations and you haven’t yet tracked the source of that first transmission.

It isn’t that simple. Vector stiffened, irritated at the council member, at his opponent, and at himself. He was a cyborg. Finding her shouldn’t be as difficult as it was. I believe the enemy is on a ship and is relaying the transmissions through systems scattered across the universe. Every transmission is directed through different systems in different sectors.

The only reason he had narrowed down the source was because her ship had been stationary for planet rotations. That could change in a moment.

Should I give this assignment to a more advanced warrior?

Fraggin’ hole. Power was an arrogant ass. Vector gritted his teeth. I am two transmissions or less away from pinpointing the enemy’s location.

And she refused to deal with any other being. He’d shared one of the transmissions with Crash, a cyborg skilled in tracking communications, and she somehow uncovered that unauthorized action. She didn’t speak to him for four planet rotations.

Make those two transmissions immediately. Power assumed Vector was in control of the communications, which he wasn’t.

I expect them to be made this planet rotation. The female hadn’t yet communicated with him. Was the information the enemy gave us about Betelgeuse Alpha correct?

She had told him the Humanoid Alliance planned to attack that planet.

It was correct. Power confirmed. All of her previously shared information had been correct also. We aren’t acting on that information. It could be a trap.

They hadn’t acted on any of the information. Power was as distrustful of others as Vector was.

He had to find their enemy before she grew frustrated with the lack of movement.


Read the next scene here (available September 18th):


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Seeking Vector

A cyborg with a secret… A female seeking the truth…

Vector, the C Model captain of the Freedom, is a cyborg many warriors wish to emulate. He fights fiercely, leads with honor, has earned the respect and loyalty of his crew. But no being, not even a cyborg, is perfect. Since arriving at the Homeland, Vector has been hiding a dark truth about his past. If his secret is exposed, he could lose everything – his position, his ship, and his life.

Kasia excels at uncovering secrets. Half a lifespan ago, her curiosity placed her on the Humanoid Alliance’s kill list. Now she has accessed information the cyborg council would prefer remain hidden. Their warriors are hunting her and won’t rest until she’s dead.

When Vector arrives on her battle station, all grim determination, gray skin, and bulging muscles, Kasia knows he has been sent to kill her. That doesn’t stop her from wanting the dominant cyborg. She senses the savage nature under the male’s controlled exterior, sees the mysteries in his brilliant blue eyes, craves the roughness of his touch. She will risk all she has to experience his embrace.

Kasia braved the cyborg council’s ire for a reason. If she doesn’t convince Vector to act on the information she uncovered, the enemy could destroy his home planet and render every cyborg in the universe immobile.

Can a doubting C Model warrior learn to trust and to love before it is too late?

Seeking Vector is Book 10 in the Cyborg Sizzle series and is a STAND-ALONE story.
It is also a Cyborg SciFi Romance.

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