Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher, And Losing A Child

By on January 18, 2017

Carrie Fisher, our beloved Princess Leia, died on December 27th. Many people were shocked when Debbie Reynolds, her Mom, died a day later.

My own Dear Wonderful Mom, sadly, understood why that happened.

You see… my Dear Wonderful Mom has also lost a child. She knows what that does to a Mom, the toll it takes on a person. Although they were physically far apart, had never met each other, my Mom felt emotionally close to Debbie Reynolds. She shared the star’s grief.

My tough-as-beans Mom has survived many traumatic things in her life but, hands down, she’ll tell you, the worst thing was my brother dying (my middle of three brothers). I remember flying home for the funeral and barely recognizing her. Her hair had turned white. Lines had appeared on her normally smiling face. My Mom looked like she had aged a decade overnight.

She kept repeating over and over that it wasn’t natural. She was supposed to go first. No Mother should ever outlive her child.

That death changed her forever.

I was thinking of my Dear Wonderful Mom when I wrote Hers To Command. The Commander, Carys, has also lost a child. Twenty-two solar cycles (years) later, she continues to grieve. She thinks of her daughter every planet rotation (day). She feels sorrow, guilt, anger, worries about forgetting her child.

Those are my Mom’s emotions. It has been over two decades since my brother’s death and she still experiences all of those same feelings. They’re more manageable now but they exist.

She wonders if she could have done or said something that would have saved my brother. She sees something that reminds her of him (like anything to do with Star Wars) and cries. There’s always an empty seat at my Mom’s table over the holidays for my brother. We all know not to sit there. She buys an angel ornament for the tree on his behalf. I call her on my brother’s birthday because I know she needs someone to talk to, someone who will understand why these feelings remain, someone who won’t tell her to ‘get over it.’

Carys’ feelings are based on my Mom’s. If you’ve lost a child (big hugs), these might not be your feelings and that’s okay. We all love and grieve differently. But I wanted to share that if you’re still grieving twenty years plus later, that’s also okay. If you worry about forgetting your child, that worry is okay too.

I doubt you will ever forget your child. My Mom is reminded of my brother every day. And I doubt you will ever ‘get over it’ and return to the person you were before your child’s passing. It has changed you just like loving him or her changed you. That’s okay also.

If you’ve lost a child (gives you another big hug), I strongly suggest you read Hers To Command in private. I would completely understand if you saved the story to read when you feel up to it, when you need to cry, when you need to know you’re not alone in your grief. Please don’t read the reviews. As my Dear Wonderful Mom will tell you, there are some people who just don’t understand what you’re going through. Know, however, that there are people who DO.

You are not alone.


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