Fourth Scene From Chasing Mayhem

By on September 5, 2016

Chasing Mayhem, the next cyborg story, is releasing on September 13th (it is available for pre-order now). This week, I’m sharing the final scene in Chapter One.

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His female was stunning, more beautiful than anyone or anything he’d ever seen. She had uniquely shaped brown eyes, her eyelids lacking the useless crease his had. Her skin was golden and glistened with a layer of sweat, her thermoregulation system not as efficient as a cyborg’s. Her hair was as straight as a thrown spear and as black as open space. A long scar carved her left cheek in two. RET56927 was inked under her right eye.

She wasn’t a cyborg. He’d be able to detect that.

But she had been the property of the Humanoid Alliance. His scan revealed one of their tracking devices in her right wrist.

Mayhem ran the numbering sequence through his database.

His nose wrinkled at the distasteful results.

His female was a Retriever. She did the Humanoid Alliance’s dirty work, hunting down and capturing rebels, beings such as himself, males, females, offspring who had thought themselves finally free of tyranny, of torture, of other being’s rules.

Those rebels would be sentenced to death, sent to the cyborg manufacturing compounds and used as part of that harsh training. His brethren would be forced to kill them, to battle the humanoids in the fighting rings.

Imee was the enemy, a being without loyalty or honor.

She was his female, Mayhem reminded himself. When he chose to claim her, her past wouldn’t matter. He’d take her back to the cyborg Homeland and neither of them would ever leave.

She’d never again associate with the Humanoid Alliance. He’d never again explore unknown terrain, never battle another warrior to the death.

That safe, uneventful future depressed him.

For now, they were both free, on a strange planet, facing one another as possible foes, not as a male and his female. Mayhem would enjoy his remaining moments to the fullest, delay the inevitable for as long as possible.

Imee glanced at the helmet he’d set on the sand, looked in his direction, and squinted. Although she couldn’t see him—her human vision was inadequate to pierce the darkness— she felt his presence.

Satisfaction warmed Mayhem’s soul. Imee would experience that awareness with no other male. She’d remember it and wouldn’t be tempted to breed with others while they were parted. Humans weren’t monogamous as cyborgs were.

The thought of her touching another male disturbed him. It was one of the only possible holes in his plan.

“They couldn’t have moved it,” she murmured, her words spoken at a softness no human could detect. “Could they?”

Mayhem heard her but he didn’t answer her question. He waited for her next move, for her to come to him, to track him.

Imee cautiously stepped out of the corridor of stone, revealing her entire body, and his big cyborg heart pounded. She was diminutive yet sturdy, a sheath-sized stunner.

All of the females the other cyborgs had claimed were tiny. They were human. But they’d appear tall, standing next to his female. She barely reached midway on his chest.

Imee wasn’t inconsequential, however. Far from that. She had broad shoulders and equally wide hips, muscular arms and legs. Between her white leather breast and ass coverings was a bared toned stomach, the exposed golden skin decorated with small silver scars, the firmness of her midsection contrasting intriguingly with her high full breasts.

She was armed, guns on both hips, daggers in her knee-high boots, at least one more blade hidden in her breast covering. Restraints dangled from her waist. A long gun was held in her right hand.

Mayhem liked that. She was a fighter. When he claimed her, she’d understand him, challenge him, perhaps provide some much needed excitement during their captivity on the Homeland.

She certainly was adding excitement to his lifespan now.

Imee approached the helmet, gazed around her, scrunched her nose. Her fingers rested on the trigger of the long gun. She pushed the helmet with the barrel, stepped back, raised the long gun.

When nothing happened, she rolled, scooped up the helmet, put it back on her head as she stood once more, her booted feet braced apart, her knees slightly bent.

His female was ready to face danger.

Mayhem’s lips curled upward.

He was eager to supply it.


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Wild. Free. Hers.

Mayhem has spent his lengthy lifespan obeying the Humanoid Alliance’s rules. Finally free from their cruel control, the cyborg warrior plans to cause chaos. He infiltrates a remote settlement, provokes the savage locals until they want him dead, and allows himself to be captured by the sexiest little Retriever he has ever laid his mechanically-enhanced eyes on.

Imee’s sole mission in life is to keep her family alive. To do this, she must hunt rebels, returning them to the Humanoid Alliance’s evil clutches where they will be executed. She doesn’t allow herself to feel anything for her targets…until she meets a tall, muscular cyborg with wild hair and even wilder eyes.

With his sure hands, laughing lips and erotic holds, Mayhem makes Imee’s body sizzle and her resistance melt. Their love is doomed. She must deliver the warrior to his death or she’ll place her family’s safety at risk. But she can’t resist him.

Imee soon discovers that Mayhem, life, and love are never predictable.

Chasing Mayhem is Book 6 in the Cyborg Sizzle series and is a STANDALONE story.
It is also a BBW Cyborg SciFi Romance.

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