SciFi Saturday News – Hacking DNA, Stormtroopers, and Solar Winds

By on December 12, 2015

Here is the round up of the SciFi stories that inspired me this week

Hacking DNA and Deep Space Travel

Are you writing a shifters in space SciFi romance and you want a reason for them existing?

Amor Menezes, an aerospace engineer and synthetic biology researcher, shares

“For resource utilization, it’s obvious that on a long-duration space mission you’ll want to take advantage of every material at your disposal. We think that engineered organisms could certainly help us repurpose materials we’re currently wasting, like the one kilogram of carbon dioxide that astronauts exhale each day.”

Solar Winds

Want to talk about solar winds in your SciFi romance (sexy – grins)?

Ted Ranosa shares

“Waves of plasma from the sun known as solar wind have been found to affect the levels of water on the moon as well as other lunar features, according to new a research conducted by scientists in Sweden.”

Star Wars’ Finn

I loved this interview with John Boyega, the actor who plays Finn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I feel his excitement. As a cyborg writer, I also loved his insights on playing a Stormtrooper.

John Boyega shares

“It was so intriguing about the role. I think for me, wearing the helmet and being part of the Stormtroopers felt so strange. Like, so this is what it feels like to just be one of the many. And to look the same, and to have to do the same thing. To be under the same orders. This is what it feels like. And I was actually quite shocked as to how much Finn’s journey is investigating [that idea]. He’s a fun character, he has a very complicated history, but we get to experience the individuality of Stormtroopers, and it’s never been done before.”

What has inspired you this week?


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