SciFi Saturday News – Star Wars As Space Opera, Time-Space Ripples & A Self-Fueling Space Junk Eating Machine

By on December 5, 2015

Here is the round up of the SciFi stories that inspired me this week

George Lucas 1977 Star Wars Interview

How much science needs to be in SciFi? According to George Lucas, not much.

In a 1977 Star Wars interview, George Lucas shared

“I think of this as a movie Disney would have made when Walt Disney was alive.”
“I call it ‘space opera.’ That’s a genre that’s been around a long time, in the books of Burroughs and Heinlein, but never really done on film.

“What I attempted was science fiction without the science. I wanted an engaging Saturday matinee movie, but not camp or parody. And not a heavy intellectual trip like ‘2001.’ Think of this as ‘The Sting’ in outer space.”

Investigating Time-Space Ripples

Want a little time travel in your SciFi Romance?

Elizabeth Howell shares

“In a long-running quest to find gravitational waves in space, the European Space Agency (ESA) successfully launched a mission yesterday (Dec. 4) to test wave-finding technology.

The mission is called LISA Pathfinder and will not actually search for waves itself. Rather, the mission will serve as the trailblazer for the technology scientists hope will help find these ripples in space-time.”

A Self-Fueling Space Junk Eating Machine

If you need a human-made device that could possibly create a universe-wide disaster or add a horror element to your SciFi Romance, how about a self-fueling space junk eating machine?

Lindsey Kratochwill shares

“Space junk–both manufactured and natural–has been orbiting our planet and threatening satellites and spacecraft with collisions. And accordingly, engineers and scientists have been devising ways to get rid of the mess. But whether it’s a spacefaring robot or spacecraft carrying nets or traps, it requires power, and that’s an expensive prospect. So, engineers at the Tsinghua University in Beijing have proposed a design concept for a space debris engine that can eat its way through the junk and convert it into plasma fuel to sustain its mission.”

More Photos From Space

National Geographic has shared some inspiring space photos

Including this photo of Saturn’s rings and a crescent Enceladus, the planet’s third largest moon.

What has inspired you this week?


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