SciFi Saturday News – Toilet Problems In Space, Supermassive Black Holes And Is Star Wars SciFi?

By on November 28, 2015

Here is the round up of the SciFi stories that inspired me this week

Supermassive Black Hole Swallows Star

Nothing says SciFi to me like black holes. (grins)

Emily Chan shares

“A team of scientists has witnessed a supermassive black hole swallowing a star and spitting out a “jet” of matter.”

Toilet Problems In Space

Dark is in but your SciFi romance is a little too grim for your liking. Nothing lightens the mood like potty humor.

Mika McKinnon shares the story of a real life toilet malfunction.

“If that’s not bad enough to have the suction of pure space applied to the most delicate of regions, a sadistic quirk of spacecraft design means that all fresh air for the shuttle enters through the roof of the bathroom. Extremely cold, barely-heated-above-liquid fresh air rushed down on Gregory as the depressurization klaxon rang out, waking all his companions.”

More Awesome Photos From Space

Wired shared yet more inspiring space photos this week

Including this photo of galaxy M82.


Sorry, folks. That light in astronaut Scott Kelly’s photo wasn’t a UFO.

Jeffrey Kluger shares

“That’s one explanation. Another one—admittedly a bit more prosaic—is that the “UFO” is a reflection off the space station window. Even likelier is that it’s an overhanging piece of the station itself that happened to catch a bit of light. The ISS is larger than a football field, with solar wings, experimental platforms and habitation pods hanging off of it in all directions. It’s actually not all that easy to get a clear shot without some piece of hardware getting in the way”

Is Star Wars SciFi?

I love hearing from writers, about their view on the worlds they create.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens writer, Lawrence Kasdan, shares

“Star Wars is its own genre. It’s not really science fiction. It’s really something on its own, fantasy and myth and science fiction and Flash Gordon and Akira Kurosawa all mixed up together…. It can be anything you want it to be.”

What has inspired you this week?


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