Cyborgs Vs Androids Vs Clones

By on September 21, 2015

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The Humanoid Alliance has developed cyborgs as their ultimate weapon. They’re specially designed soldiers.

Why cyborgs? Why not androids or clones?


Clones are 100% human. They’re genetic copies of existing people. If factions within the Humanoid Alliance don’t want humans to be put at risk in battle, they won’t want clones to be put at risk either.

Clones might not wish to be put at risk also. They have free will. They are likely to rebel when faced with a certain death situation.

Because a clone’s ability is limited to what humans can do, alien species that threaten humans will threaten clones also. They’ll kill the clones as quickly as the original. The Mantidae, for example, are so fast and strong, they will end a human’s life before his or her feet touch the ground.


Androids are 100% machine. They can be constructed to be as strong or as fast as humans require. They will follow orders without question. They wouldn’t ever rebel or decide not to fight.

There are beings within the Humanoid Alliance who would prefer that androids, not cyborgs, be sent to the battlefields.

The biggest issue with android warriors is that instinct is a part of fighting. We’ve all seen dancers or singers or sports figures who know all of the moves, have all of the training, yet they don’t have that mysterious ‘it’ factor, the instinct, the feeling down deep in their gut to do X at Y time.

I’ve spoken with many human soldiers and they attest to instinct playing a huge role in whether they survive a battle or not. They have a feeling that the enemy is in a certain spot. They look and that’s where the enemy is.


Cyborgs are half human, half machine. They are stronger and faster than humans yet they have human instinct. The Humanoid Alliance believes they will follow orders without question (this belief is wrong).

Because cyborgs aren’t completely human, the humans can tell themselves that a cyborg’s life isn’t as precious as a human’s life. They can view them as disposable weapons.

They’re seen as the best option (for now) for the battlefield.


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8 responses to “Cyborgs Vs Androids Vs Clones”

  1. Pippa Jay says:

    I suppose I could see the logic, particularly if the cyborgs are perhaps criminals and the like.

  2. Anna Hackett says:

    I heart cyborgs! Loved the descriptions, Cynthia.

  3. I love cyborg stories, Cynthia. Will definitely get this 🙂

  4. C.E. Kilgore says:

    I have a soft-spot for Androids, but your cyborgs sound sexy!

  5. Lea Kirk says:

    I knew next to nothing about cyborgs until recently. Now I can’t get enough. Must. Buy. This. Book.

  6. Diane Dooley says:

    Nice breakdown of the human – clone – cyborg – android spectrum!

  7. Ed Hoornaert says:

    I enjoyed your three classifications of soldiers — especially the line “humans can tell themselves that a cyborg’s life isn’t as precious as a human’s life.” What makes it resonate with me is “humans can tell themselves.” That’s both horrible and totally believable.

  8. Interesting discussion of the logic in your world building! Enjoyed the discussion.

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