FAQs About My SciFi Erotic Romances

By on July 3, 2015

Q. Why do you call your stories SciFi Erotic Romances and not Science Fiction Erotic Romances? Is this because there’s no science behind your stories?

Cynthia Sax: My stories are all based in science. I might not explain, for example, how the doors on a ship work during a scene as that will pull readers out of a story but I know the science behind it. If you email me, I’ll happily answer any of your questions.

I call my stories SciFi erotic romance because the focus is on the romance, not on the science fiction. It is a romance first and foremost. IMHO… that should be the longer part of the subgenre name.

Q. Why are your alien heroes or heroines humanoid?

Cynthia Sax: As my stories are erotic romances, body parts should align and preferably there should be a possibility of offspring (for the continuation of the species). I’m a former farm girl. I know that two beings have to be VERY similar in DNA to create fertile offspring. A donkey and a horse might look similar but mules, their offspring, rarely reproduce.

I believe in a common origin, that humanoid aliens and humans have the same ancestors but then evolved to thrive on their respective planets. Many of the evolutionary differences are based on species on Earth. Chameles, in the Warlord series, can turn ‘invisible.’ This is based on, you guessed it, chameleons. Chameles aren’t truly invisible. They are perfectly color matched to their backgrounds.

Q. Why do your aliens often speak Earth languages?

Cynthia Sax: Since I believe that humanoid aliens and humans have a common origin, it makes sense to me that the variety of languages found on Earth represents the variety of languages spoken by humanoid aliens.

I also think learning another language spoken here on Earth is more helpful for reading buddies than learning a completely fabricated language (the exception being Klingon which, IMHO, should be taught in school).

Q. Why do the ‘isms (sexism, age-ism, species-ism, etc) still exist in your futuristic SciFi erotic romances? Shouldn’t we have evolved past that?

Cynthia Sax: Shouldn’t we have evolved past that today? We haven’t made much progress in eliminating bias. I suspect even if we banish some biases, we’ll develop others.

Q. What research do you do for your stories?

Cynthia Sax: My life is continual research. Before I wrote full time, my specialty was new business development. My job was to look at new developments and try to predict the next step. That’s exactly what writing science fiction is!

I specialized in new business development because I love it. I love reading about new developments, the exciting discoveries occurring every single day, in all sorts of fields. One of the reasons I waited to write about cyborgs was because I didn’t think growing cyborg warriors was possible… until now. I can see how some of the existing technology could evolve to create these hunky half man, half machine beings.

One of my favorite places to get ideas for stories is the Consumer Electronics Show in the U.S. (Vegas). I love talking with the product developers, discovering what they’re excited about.

If you ever have any questions, email me!

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