EMPs Vs Being Stunned

By on October 16, 2017

Some reading buddies have asked me why EMPs are a huge concern for cyborgs and being stunned isn’t. Cyborgs have always known they were susceptible to being stunned. Why weren’t they worried about that weakness?

Being Stunned

The stun function on guns affects the organic side of cyborgs. They can’t move but they can still transmit, still communicate with their brethren, still monitor their surroundings. To stun a cyborg, the enemy has to shoot the warrior. Cyborgs move quickly, too quickly for many humans to shoot.

Could the Humanoid Alliance design a weapon that stuns all beings situated in a space? Sure. But, as humans and humanoids are organic, they would likely stun themselves also. That’s not optimal. (grins)


An EMP (electromagnetic pulse) affects the machine side of cyborgs. They can’t move and they also can’t transmit or monitor their surroundings (other than with their mostly organic auditory system). As an EMP is a pulse, it can cover a large area and it won’t affect humans or humanoids (though it could knock out their weapons or ships).

A couple of reading buddies questioned if it would be possible to extend an EMP’s range to cover the entire universe. I don’t know if that is possible or what the affects would be, but the Humanoid Alliance has ships positioned throughout the universe. All they would need to do is have a coordinated EMP blast for coverage.

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