Seeking Vector And Stowaways

By on September 13, 2017

Kasia, the heroine of Seeking Vector, is a stowaway. She is a fugitive hiding on a Humanoid Alliance battle station. She conceals herself in the air conduits, has lived unauthorized on the battle station for solar cycles, has been spotted a few times but was assumed to be crew.

How probable is this?

It is very probable.

The Dear Wonderful Hubby and I love to take cruises. We also love to talk with the crew on these cruise ships and we’ve heard the stories. Crew tell us about stowaways who live undetected for months on the ships, vessels smaller than a battle station.

The cruise ships are fairly closed systems. Movement on and off the ships is restricted but, once people are on the ship, they often aren’t scrutinized. The ships are big enough that no one, not even the Captain, knows everyone. If items go missing, well, the items have to be on the ship somewhere. Food and drink aren’t monitored. There are dark corners to hide and places to sleep and facilities to do your ‘business.’

This isn’t restricted to cruise ships. There are stories about stowaways on much smaller cars, trains, airplanes. In 1985, two boys, aged 10 and 13, stowed away on a boat, bus, train, car and finally an airplane, traveling from Dublin to London to New York. The boys weren’t detected until they were spotted wandering around JFK Airport.

Being a stowaway isn’t without dangers. Stowaways have suffocated in their hiding places or died of dehydration. Discovery by the crew of the vessel mid-trip might result in jail time, punishment, or, in the past, death. The greeting at the destination might not be kinder.

In Kasia’s case, discovery would mean torture and death. The Humanoid Alliance are hunting her. If they find her, they’ll kill her.

She doesn’t know if the cyborgs will treat her any better.

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Seeking Vector

A cyborg with a secret… A female seeking the truth…

Vector, the C Model captain of the Freedom, is a cyborg many warriors wish to emulate. He fights fiercely, leads with honor, has earned the respect and loyalty of his crew. But no being, not even a cyborg, is perfect. Since arriving at the Homeland, Vector has been hiding a dark truth about his past. If his secret is exposed, he could lose everything – his position, his ship, and his life.

Kasia excels at uncovering secrets. Half a lifespan ago, her curiosity placed her on the Humanoid Alliance’s kill list. Now she has accessed information the cyborg council would prefer remain hidden. Their warriors are hunting her and won’t rest until she’s dead.

When Vector arrives on her battle station, all grim determination, gray skin, and bulging muscles, Kasia knows he has been sent to kill her. That doesn’t stop her from wanting the dominant cyborg. She senses the savage nature under the male’s controlled exterior, sees the mysteries in his brilliant blue eyes, craves the roughness of his touch. She will risk all she has to experience his embrace.

Kasia braved the cyborg council’s ire for a reason. If she doesn’t convince Vector to act on the information she uncovered, the enemy could destroy his home planet and render every cyborg in the universe immobile.

Can a doubting C Model warrior learn to trust and to love before it is too late?

Seeking Vector is Book 10 in the Cyborg Sizzle series and is a STAND-ALONE story.
It is also a Cyborg SciFi Romance.

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