Dark Flight And The Cutest Critter In The Universe

By on June 22, 2017

The countdown to Dark Flight’s release is on!
Puffkers are mentioned in this story.
What are puffkers?

Well, they look very similar to this doggy.

Yes, basically, they’re puffballs with legs.
They’re adorable and a certain giant green gatekeeper has a soft spot for them.

Here’s a snippet of a scene…


“She won’t be alone.” Balvan entered the chamber. “I’ll stay with your sister. She remembers me, won’t be scared to see me here. Especially as I’ll have this with me.”

He turned his wrists and opened his big fists. A white ball of fluff with dark eyes purred happily in one of his palms. One of its barely visible legs had gauze wrapped around it.

“Awww…” Rhea’s face softened. “Is that a puffker? They’re impossible to find on our home planet.” She made kissy noises at it. “Because you’re so cute and everyone wants you. Don’t they? Oh, yes, they do.”

The tiny creature had reduced Orol’s warrior female to goo.

“Her name is Sparkles.” Orol scooped his mate into his arms and stood, eager to put those lips of hers to better use.

Balvan scowled. “That’s not the creature’s name.”


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Dark Flight

His mission. His challenge. His forever.

Orol, the Refuge’s second-in-command, has been given what he believes is a simple mission—escort two human females to the settlement. The winged warrior arrives at the meeting site to find one of the females missing and the other aiming a gun at his head. To rescue the first, he must capture the second. Once he has Rhea in his talons, however, he realizes he never wants to let her go.

Her enemy. Her captor. Her everything.

Rhea doesn’t trust anyone. She certainly doesn’t follow commands issued by a gorgeous flying male with glittering eyes, a beautiful face, and a seductive touch. Orol is dominant, edged with darkness, and determined to find her sister. Rhea will do anything to prevent that, even if it means playing sensual games of submission with her powerful enemy, seducing him into forgetting everything except her.

Dark Flight is a STAND-ALONE SciFi Romance set in a gritty, dark world.

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