Crash And Burn And Alliances

By on February 25, 2016

One of the most common questions I’ve received about Crash And Burn is…

Why didn’t the cyborgs immediately form an alliance with the rebels (Beings For Peace), the beings fighting the Humanoid Alliance?

There are three major reasons for this

1) The cyborgs are focused on freeing all of their brethren. That’s their first priority. There aren’t enough free cyborgs (yet) to help the cyborgs who remain under the Humanoid Alliance’s power to escape AND to battle the Humanoid Alliance.

The cyborgs realize that, when the Humanoid Alliance discovers cyborgs can operate on their own, they’ll decommission (kill) all of the remaining warriors. The Humanoid Alliance can’t risk that they’ll rebel. Freeing as many cyborgs as possible before that happens is the urgent mission.

2) The cyborgs are only starting to trust humans/humanoids. Before Crash And Burn begins, the cyborgs knew of THREE nice humans (Joan, Mira and Shelby). Every other human they’ve met has hurt them. The cyborgs weren’t even certain that there was a possibility of having human females. These three females could have been abnormalities, rare exceptions.

3) The cyborgs also don’t have any reason to align themselves with the rebels. Yes, they have a common enemy but that doesn’t make them friends. If the cyborgs confide in the wrong beings, the Humanoid Alliance will discover that they aren’t brainless machines. Millions of their brethren will be killed.

There are other issues. Crash doesn’t have the authority to speak for all cyborgs. The rebels might not want an alliance. They might not view cyborgs any differently than the Humanoid Alliance does. The cyborgs likely couldn’t have prevented what happened even if they had an alliance.

Will an alliance happen in the future? It could. But the cyborgs aren’t ready for one right now.


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Crash And Burn

Crash was manufactured to be one of the best warriors in the universe. The cyborg has spent many human lifespans fighting the enemy. But, unlike his battle-loving brethren, he doesn’t enjoy killing. When he escapes the Humanoid Alliance, he vows to never end another life.

Then he meets Safyre, an infuriating human female, and he considers breaking his vow.

Safyre will do anything to save her friend, the being she loves like a sister. She’ll ravish a huge hunky cyborg, kiss his best friend, and invoke scorching hot desires the male never realized he could feel. Dark soulful eyes, a quick wit, and a tempestuous passion won’t divert her from her mission.

Love, and a planet-destroying weapon, however, might stop her permanently.

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