SciFi Saturday News – Writing Star Wars, Having Sex In Space And Photos Of Distant Galaxies

By on November 21, 2015

Here is the round up of the SciFi stories that inspired me this week

George Lucas And Writing Star Wars

You’ve written the first draft of a SciFi romance. You know it is a mess. Most first drafts are. How do you start cleaning it up?

You might wish to look to George Lucas and Star Wars for inspiration. In his first draft, he had MANY more characters. Luke Skywalker was a less sympathetic older hero (with a beard) and Han Solo was green and had gills. It was very violent and very complicated.

In other words, it was a mess. If George Lucas could save Star Wars, you can save your story.

Having Sex In Space

If you want to work BDSM into a story, I found this article EXTREMELY interesting. (grins)

When asked about having sex in space, astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson shared

“So if you want to get together and stay together, you need something to keep you together during all the normal body movement that would characterize having sex in space. Bring a lot of leather belts to keep things strapped down and you will be just fine.”

Photos From Space

Wired shared some more inspiring space photos

Including this photo of MCG+01-02-015, a ‘lonely’ galaxy.

A Show For Star Trek’s Worf??

Michael Dorn, the actor who played Worf in Star Trek: The Next Generation, is campaigning hard for a spin-off show for Worf. Sign me up! I love me some Worf.

He shares

“The Worf Chronicles idea was right in that wheelhouse, because the Klingon Empire is gritty. It does have a dark quality. It’s Shakespearean, it’s about assassinations and coups, the power behind the throne – so we’re going to continue that with plan B.”

What has inspired you this week?


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