SciFi Saturday News – Star Wars Trailer, Habitable Planets, Space Weather and Protostars

By on November 14, 2015

Here is the round up of the SciFi stories that inspired me this week

New Star Wars Trailer

There’s a new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer and it is epic. The more I read about this movie, the more excited I get.

Fight Over Space Rights

The fight over who owns space is heating up and giving me plenty of plot bunnies (What happens if humans claim a planet another species ‘owns’? What if we find out EARTH is ‘owned’ by another species?)

Alan Yuhas shares

“Asteroid platinum and the briny water on Mars may soon be available for plunder, Republicans and Democrats have agreed, advancing a bill that would grant “space resource rights” and could challenge an international treaty on outer space.”

3D Printing In Space

When I first saw 3D printers years ago at the Consumer Electronics Show, I immediately thought ‘replicators’ from Star Trek. The space possibilities are endless (and gold for SciFi romance writers).

Jeff Foust shares

“The benefits of 3-D printing in space are clear: it would allow crews to produce tools or spare parts, helping solve the logistical challenges of long-term spaceflight. It could also be used to create structures that aren’t possible on Earth or which could not survive the acceleration and vibration of a ride into space.”

The Number Of Habitable Planets In Our Galaxy

What is the possibility of life on other planets? Pretty darn good.

Seth Shostak, senior astronomer, shares

“There is estimated to be in our galaxy alone a trillion planets. And we can see 100 billion galaxies. It’s believed that one in 10 stars may have a habitable world capable of supporting life. That’s a lot of real estate.”

He’s talking about our galaxy, not the much larger universe.

Space Weather

Are you setting your story in a grim futuristic world and you need a ‘disaster’? Consider space weather.

The Washington Post shares

“The boisterous, volatile sun regularly throws off plasma, other particles and radiation that, with the right intensity and heading, could wreak havoc on modern society. In fact, extreme “space weather” recently came scarily close to slamming into Earth — and it has a shockingly high chance of knocking out power grids and doing other damage in the next 10 years, according to scientists’ best estimates.”

Gorgeous Photos

Wired shared some inspiring space photos

Including this photo of CARMA-7, a young protostar.

What has inspired you this week?


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