SciFi Saturday News – Star Wars Posters, New Star Trek Show, Terraforming Mars and Close Calls In Space

By on November 7, 2015

Here is the round up of the SciFi stories that inspired me this week

Star Wars Posters And A Fun Q&A With JJ Abrams

Famous folks bombarded Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens’s director JJ Abrams with questions in an amusing Q&A.

Even George Lucas participated.

The Week shares

“”JJ, what happened to Darth Vader’s grandchildren?” Lucas asked.

“Oh, George, this is great. You tell me man, you made all this sh** up.””

Close Calls In Space

Do you need an exciting plot twist in your new SciFi novel?

There’s a great new series called Secret Space Escapes, which highlights near misses on space missions.

Astronaut Jerry Linenger shares

“Whenever you’re operating on the edge of human ability, you’re going to have close calls. We’ve had quite a few. But because we usually come out of them successfully people say that it’s fine when it’s actually quite hairy.”

Terraforming Mars

Thinking about setting a story on Mars?

Mars’ atmosphere will make terraforming (turning Mars into an Earth-like planet) even more difficult.

Bruce Jakosky, principal investigator of NASA’s MAVEN mission, shares

“It’s [atmospheric CO2] not there. It’s been removed from the solar system entirely, so it’s not possible to bring it back.”

New Star Trek Show

As of this date, we know very little except there will be a new Star Trek show in 2017.
io9 had some fun musing about what they’d like to see.

Inspiring Photos

Wired shared some truly inspiring photos from The NASA Photo Archives.

Including this photo of dust surrounding V838 Monocerotis, a red supergiant.

What inspired you this week?


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