The Evolution Of Cyborgs

By on August 14, 2015

Note: This post will be amended as the series matures (i.e. we’ll only talk about models that we’ve met).

In Releasing Rage, we were introduced to a variety of cyborgs. Cyborgs are half human so every unit is different. However, models have common characteristics.

The first cyborgs were human warriors who had been injured and were ‘fixed’ with mechanic parts. A computer was also added (because, hey, why not build one in?). These parts became more and more complex and pervasive. These cyborgs didn’t have model numbers. They had names.

A and B Model Cyborgs

When the Humanoid Alliance started manufacturing cyborgs, they viewed them as merely war machines. What these cyborgs looked like was low on the priority list. There was also fear in the general public that these cyborgs would infiltrate human populations and gradually take over.

So the Humanoid Alliance designed them to be clearly cyborg. The first mass produced units were big and bulky, more robotic than human. Their eyes resembled lights. Their skin was gray. They were given a model letter (which was the version) and a unit number (which was the order the cyborg was produced). This was tattooed under their right eyes.

A000001 was the very first mass produced cyborg. A000002 was the second. Etc.

As far as I know, no A and B model cyborgs continue to exist. They’ve all been decommissioned.

C Model Cyborgs

The huge A and B model cyborgs created a storage and transport nightmare. C models were smaller (yet still larger than humans).

Again, their focus was fighting. Their communication skills aren’t as smooth as a human’s. They have electric blue eyes, gray skin. Their frames are metal. They have both processors (multiple) and a human brain (single). Their nanocybotics allow them to self heal. They have a high pain tolerance yet still feel wounds. They have the ability to transmit privately over a secured line so they can communicate during battle without the enemy being aware of their conversations. They’re fast and strong and skilled warriors.

C model cyborgs were the last cyborgs to be used in the breeding programs.

Rage, the hero of Releasing Rage, is a C model cyborg. There aren’t very many of them left.

E Model Cyborgs

Cyborgs became smaller, more compact yet they retained the strength and speed of their predecessors. The Humanoid Alliance started to consider them for other roles. Perhaps, in the future, the cyborgs could be used as spies or sent in to negotiate on human’s behalf or become bodyguards for high ranked council members.

Scientists experimented with eye colors. With the E Model, their attempts went horribly wrong. The units’ eyes were a disturbing matte black.

E Models still have the gray skin common to cyborgs. They’re more technologically advanced than previous models.

Crash, in Releasing Rage and Crash and Burn, is an E model cyborg.

G Model Cyborgs

Except for the gray skin and the model number tattooed under the right eye, a G model cyborg looks human. G models all have pale gray eyes and normally dark hair, giving them a monochrome appearance.

Gap, in Releasing Rage, is a G model cyborg.

K Model Cyborgs

K models are the most advanced cyborgs ever created. Except for the model numbers tattooed under their right eyes, they resemble (large!) human males.

With the failure of the breeding programs and generations of humans having grown up knowing of cyborgs, there’s no longer a fear that cyborgs will take over and dispose of humans. Humans believe cyborgs are fully under their control, that they are weapons that won’t be used unless humans order them to be deployed.

K model cyborgs usually have dark hair and tanned skin as that allows them to better hide in the shadows. They have all of the skills of previous models and more. There are few locked doors they can’t access, few communications they can’t intercept, few enemies they can’t defeat.

As Mira, the heroine of Breathing Vapor, says the Humanoid Alliance might have made cyborgs too advanced.

Vapor, the hero of Breathing Vapor, is a K model cyborg.


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