Dancing For Him

By on August 29, 2014

This post has adult content. If you are under the age of eighteen years old or sensitive to adult language/situations, please do not read this post.

I snapped these photos of a dancer at a Vegas club. She reminds me SO much of Bee, the heroine from Sinful Rewards. She has long brown hair, brown eyes, has a slender build. She’s also vertically challenged. (grins) She’s wearing super high-heeled boots and only takes up a fraction of the frame.

Here is a spicy excerpt from Sinful Rewards 2.


This Vegas dancer looks like Bee

It’s my turn to dance. I peek between the red velvet curtains, excitement shimmering over my bare arms and legs. The stage is quiet and dark, the spotlight focused on the all-male audience. Many of the men seated at the tables appear familiar. I’ve glimpsed their faces on the bus or city streets. My fingers tremble, entwining with the curtain’s fringe. Tonight, they’ll watch me, lust after me, but only one man will have me.

That man lounges in a chair positioned in front of the stage. The lights shine on Hawke’s short brown hair. Stubble covers his tanned cheeks. He’s dressed all in black, his leather jacket partially concealing his T-shirt-covered chest, his jeans the darkest dark. He’s big and fierce and I will make him mine.

I’ll dance for Hawke, showing him why he should desire me and no one else, why he should stay and never leave. He’ll no longer drift from town to town, from job to job, avoiding commitment. I’ll be good enough, sexy enough, worthy of his love, of his forever. He’ll care too much to ever abandon me.

A pulse of sound breaks the eerie silence, a low-drumming tempo echoing the pounding of my heart, the bass felt down to my toes. This club beat grows louder and louder, the rhythm fierce, tribal, sexy. Streams of blue light crisscross the stage, illuminating the audience. Men stamp their feet and pound the wooden tabletops with their fists, voicing their demands.

She's also vertically challenged!

They want me. Anticipation tightens my nipples, the taut flesh pressing against the white lace of my bra. They want me to dance for them, to strip off my clothes, to reveal every inch of my body.

Eager to give my audience what they clamor for, I push through the curtains and strut on stage, my head held high, one rhinestone-covered shoe placed in front of the other, my spindly heels ringing on the wood, the tempo matching the thumping bass of my music.

The audience goes wild, hooting and hollering. They like what they see. My sheer white babydoll billows behind me, my skimpy lace bra and G-string panties showing through the fabric. My hair, pulled into a high ponytail, bounces against my shoulders. My hips sway and my breasts jiggle.

Hawke leans forward, open admiration lighting his rugged face. As I pass his chair, I flick the hem of my babydoll, giving him a glimpse of my tight ass. He inhales sharply, the sound heard over the music. Men whistle their appreciation.

I stride to the edge of the stage, pivot, and retrace my steps. Hawke watches me, his gaze on my bare legs, his pale blue eyes shining. He knows I’m returning to him. He knows he’s the man I dance for.


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Belinda “Bee” Carter isn’t quite sure what she’s gotten herself into. She’s been receiving mysterious messages from a secret admirer who is sending her more and more erotic dares. Each time she fulfills his desires, she gets rewarded. She’s convinced that her mystery texter is one of two super-hot men—Nicolas, the handsome billionaire, or Hawke, the sexy biker—but she can’t tell which one it is. And she’s coming to realize that beneath her peaches-and-cream exterior beats a heart that longs to play out all of her most secret fantasies.

As the stakes are raised again, will Bee succumb to the sensual allure of this latest dare?

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