St. Patrick’s Day Flash Fiction

By on March 17, 2013

Here is a St. Patrick’s Day piece of flash fiction!


Thrax swung through the doors of O’Leary’s, his favorite paranormal bar, and he scowled. Green streamers hung from the ceiling. Giant shamrocks covered the bar. Drunken green-clad patrons clicked together tankards of green beer, the alcohol sloshing onto the wooden floor.

It looked like a greed demon had exploded, green everywhere.

Thrax stomped toward the bar. Only for his green fairy would he attend a St. Patrick’s Day party. He’d need an entire keg of that green beer to get him through tonight.

“Wait a minute.” Shannon, fairy, bar owner, and his future mate, hovered before him, her green wings flapping. There wasn’t much of her, her curly head not even reaching his shoulder, but what little there was had been arranged nicely, her short flirty dress barely containing her curves.

“You knew the dress code, Thrax.” Her bottom lip curled, her emerald eyes reflecting her disappointment.

He would suck on that pouting lip before the night was through. “I’ll be wearing green when I leave, fairy.”

She frowned. “How do you–”

He grinned.

“Oh.” Her face flushed to a rich forest green.


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