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By on January 27, 2013

The characters in Broken Valentine (Garvin, the bad a$$ mercenary cupid, and Valentine, a broken, bad tempered love fairy) live in the same world as my demons in the Demon Chronicles and my Christmas fairies.

I wrote this story for a friend of mine. She believes, truly believes, the more perfect a person is, the more likely she is to find love. Well, I found love (with my wonderful hubby – 20 years together) and I’m about as imperfect as a woman can get. I’m plump. I’m not good looking. I’m clumsy. I snort when I laugh. And I talk like Minnie Mouse on speed. But I have no doubt that my hubby loves me.

In this passage, the hero Garvin shares similar thoughts on love.


“They’re perfect. Look at them. I bet they don’t have a single scar on their flawless bodies.” Did she think only perfect people deserved love? He’d felt the scars on Val’s back during their fuckfest in the apartment. She wasn’t perfect. Did she not think she deserved love? “They haven’t lived yet. They’re babies. They can’t handle a grown up emotion like love. Love is hard and ugly and sweaty.”


Broken Valentine
By Cynthia Sax
Available Now From Changeling Press

Broken Valentine

Sometimes to get what you need, you have to break all the rules.

Cupids are the Fey world’s mercenaries. These elite archers are
assigned targets by love Fairies. Cupids then shoot the unsuspecting
humans with love arrows. They don’t question their assignments. They
don’t deviate from their targets. They complete their jobs and collect
their pay.

Until one Cupid changes everything.

The top Cupid, Garvin, is fed up with easy assignments. He wants a
challenge. After one random shooting spree, the scarred warrior gets
what he wants. An angry and sinfully sexy love Fairy is given the task
of supervising the bad boy archer. She will soon discover that breaking
the rules is contagious.

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