WayBack Wednesday: Dragon Lord’s Mate

By on January 23, 2013

Every Wednesday, I’ll be discussing older stories that I’ve written and still love. I’ll talk about why I love them and what makes them special.

It is only right that I start this feature with Dragon Lord’s Mate. Dragon Lord’s Mate was my first published story. It combines two of my great loves – medieval romance and dragons.

Grun is a delicious hero. He’s scarred and war weary. He takes his responsibilities very seriously yet he longs for a companion, a mate, to share his long days with.

Taja, the heroine, has never had anyone want her. She’s the spare heir to her kingdom. She isn’t graceful or beautiful like her cousin Sabine. She can’t believe that the mysterious and often feared Lord of Schattenhaft wants her and he wants her so badly, he’s willing to fight to the death for her.

This is a bit of my favorite scene in Dragon Lord’s Mate


She shouldn’t be here. If she were caught, her reputation would be in ruins. But she had to see him before he fought. “I wish to speak with Lord Schattenhaft.” He stood to the side, his back to her, clad in form-fitting black armor.

“Leave us,” he rumbled. They did, silently, without question. Grun faced her. He looked taller, somehow, broader, a fierce warrior. Black eyes met hers. “Taja?”

He was magnificent and she wanted him. She couldn’t have him. Not now. Later. She swallowed. “Here.” She held out a piece of black silk. He took it, his rough fingers brushing against hers, sending tremors straight down to her pussy. “I am told some ladies give their lords a token to remind them of what they fight for.”

He brought the fabric up to his nose, breathed in. “Some lords would never forget.” He tucked the handkerchief underneath his armor, in the area of his heart.


Yeah, Grun has some great lines. (grins)

By Cynthia Sax
Available Now From Changeling Press
Dragon Lords Mate

There comes a time when even princesses have to give up their dream men.

Every night in her dreams, Princess Taja experiments sexually with a
dragon lord. She knows he isn’t real. Her fantasy man is pressing her
for a commitment, something she can’t and won’t give. She needs a flesh
and blood man to safeguard her kingdom, not a man her lonely heart
conjured up. When the line between dream and reality blurs, will
Princess Taja find love?

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