Wayback Wednesday-Ravished By Moonbeam

By on November 20, 2013

I heard that Passionate by Moonbeam, the fourth and final story in the Moonbeam series, will be releasing December 6th! YES!
By Cynthia Sax
Now Available From Ellora’s Cave
Ravished by Moonbeam

When Officer Danielle smacks a hunky alien with her police cruiser, she suspects her black-and-green perp is up to no good…and that turns her on. She shoots him. He grins. She hunts him down. He captures her, seducing her on a bed of pine needles. She’s never felt so alive.Krol knows a frail human female won’t satisfy his primal sexual urges, but he’s willing to make that sacrifice to ensure the continuation of his species. Then Danielle attempts to terminate him, and he realizes Earth women aren’t as dainty as they appear. Her lust may be a match for his basest needs, after all.

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Chapter One


“Officer Clark,” Danielle murmured into the handset. She dimmed the headlights and slowed the police cruiser, inching the vehicle quietly along the gravel road.

“10-20, Officer Danielle?” Her friend and fellow officer asked her location.

“Moonbeam Side Road.” Street address of one highly suspicious manwhore. She hunched over the steering wheel, staring into the darkness with grim determination. No more women will disappear on my watch.

“Officer Danielle…” She heard the refusal in Clark’s voice.

“I know he’s up to something, Officer,” Danielle insisted. “As I knew your perp had a weapon,” she not-so-subtly reminded him.

“10-4, Officer Danielle.” Clark sighed, the radio crackling with static. “This makes us even. 10-18.”

He doesn’t believe me. No one does. She slammed the handset back into place. Yet all of the signs point to foul play.

A good soldier listens to her gut, her mother’s voice echoed in her mind. Danielle slid her right hand over her police uniform, fingering the reassuring outline of her dog tags.

A good soldier never cries. She whacked the window controls with her fist. Fresh air poured inside the vehicle, the night breeze cool and scented with pine needles, and her melancholy retreated.

Danielle stuck her head out the window and gazed up at the stars. One star, glowing as bright as the full moon, moved farther away from her.

Moved? She frowned. How—

The cruiser shuddered and she turned her head in time to see a large black-and-green object hit the windshield. The entity cracked the supposedly uncrackable glass, a spider web of fragments spanning out from the center of impact, and it rolled over the hood, leaving a trail of dents.

“Stay still.” She grabbed the first-aid kit stashed in the door pocket. “And remain calm.” Her heart pounded painfully as she dashed around the hood of the car, rock fragments crunching under her sturdy police boots. “I’m a police officer. I’ve been trained to deal with these situations.” Danielle stopped. Temporarily blinded by the headlights, she couldn’t see anything.

“Lejno.” The mumbled word originated from the brightness and she breathed a sigh of relief. He lives.

With a rumbling groan, the owner of the deep, sexy voice staggered to his feet. He rolled back his green-and-black shoulders, his joints popping in a barrage of rapid-fire cracks. Danielle’s mouth dropped open and the first-aid kit fell with a thump onto the gravel road. Every inch of her accident victim was green or black.

He loomed over her, his huge, colorful body covered with ridges from the top of his bald skull down to the waistband of his black leather outfit. She tilted her head back to meet his swirling gaze.

“You’re not human.” Her fingers shook as she fumbled for her gun. “At least, not like any human I’ve ever seen. What are you?”

“I am Warrior Krol Nowak.” He extended his hands. Long silver blades protruded from his wrist armor.

Danger. Danielle stepped back, fear twisting her stomach. “Don’t move, Warrior Krol.” She raised her gun and aimed it between his constantly moving eyes. “And put your arms in the air.”

His forehead ridges rattled as they condensed. “Your two commands are incompatible, druzka.” He stalked toward her, his form large and menacing.

Sweat trickled down Danielle’s neck. Space guns were strapped to his muscular torso and daggers decorated his tight leather pants. She held a simple service revolver. “I repeat. Don’t move, or I’ll shoot.”

Krol grinned, displaying teeth too sharp and pointed to be human. “You are a warrior, my Danielle. I am the best warrior.”

She swallowed hard, her mouth dry with fear. “How do you know my—”

He sprang toward her, his movements blurring, and Danielle reacted on instinct, pulling the trigger. The bullet ricocheted off his knee ridge, the deafening sound followed by an animalistic howl. Krol twisted the gun from her hands, took three steps to the right and lobbed it with inhuman strength deep into the brush.

“I shot you.” Confused, Danielle glared at his leg. Red blood trickled down it, yet he remained standing. “I shot you.”

“Yes.” Krol retracted his wrist blades as he strode back to her. Gravel crunched under his big boots. “I am enjoying our courting.”

“Courting?” Danielle backed away from the approaching alien, discomforted by his size and anxiously aware she was woefully unarmed. A good soldier knows when to retreat.

In a flash of black and green, he captured her waist and pulled her forward, bumping her hips against his. The strength she’d always prided herself on paled next to his, his arms bulging with muscles and ridges.

“Courting,” he confirmed. His hypnotizing gaze dropped to her lips and Danielle sucked in her breath, excitement coiling within her. He isn’t thinking of…he’s an alien. He wouldn’t—

Krol covered her mouth with his, his hard lips pulverizing her soft flesh, grinding, conquering, owning. Danielle clenched her teeth, blocking his access to her mouth, and she struggled to free herself, pushing against his chest with her hands. He was hard, strong and male. Her body responded to his dominance, her nipples tightening and her pussy moistening.

Her spaceman growled, the primitive sound curling Danielle’s boot-covered toes. “Open.” He stroked her cheek with his calloused fingers, sending shivers of delight down her spine.

“No way. I’m not letting some alien inside me.” She raised her chin defiantly, her lips plump and throbbing with his hard usage.

Their gazes met and held, and a grin slowly spread across his face. Krol bobbed his head once as though acknowledging her challenge, and Danielle readied herself, bracing for impact. He attacked, bending down to recapture her mouth, his forceful kiss driving her head back.

She clung to him, teasing him with her body, dragging her nipples against his chest ridges as he probed the seam of her mouth with his surprisingly soft tongue. Danielle blocked each assault, pressing her lips tightly together, denying him entrance.

He pulled on her jaw and she dropped her chin, her lips slipping from his, running over the bone underneath his mouth. She licked his skin, flicking her tongue over his flesh, tasting salt and minerals, and she hungered for more, more Krol, more kisses.

He groaned. “Open for me, my Danielle.”

She laughed at his frustration, feeling desirable, powerful and in control. “Make me. You—”

Krol slapped her ass hard, the sound of skin hitting fabric echoing through the night air, and Danielle gasped, shock and arousal radiating from the point of impact. He was a monster, this alien, and he immediately filled her open mouth with his thick, soft tongue, plunging into her farther and farther, forcing her lips wider, insisting she take all of him.

Danielle grazed his flesh with her teeth, warning him back, yet he bravely, passionately pressed forward, utilizing his tongue like a weapon, whipping her cheeks and punishing her for her resistance. She surrendered completely to his greedy demands, clasping his shoulder ridges with her fingers, hanging on as he ravished her mouth.

Danielle pushed her hips into his groin, grinding her mons on the long, hard ridge in his leather pants. The ridge vibrated, triggering a corresponding hum within her, and she moaned into his mouth while dry humping him harder and faster.

The pain. The pleasure. I’m so close. So—

Krol pulled away from her, breaking their kiss, and Danielle swallowed her scream of frustration. “We will mate now.” He slid his fingers under the waistband of her police pants and yanked, tearing her leather belt in two.

The cool night breeze wafted upon her heated skin, reviving Danielle’s logic. What am I doing? He’s an alien, and perhaps the enemy.

“Wait.” She stepped back from him, her desire flowing to fear.

He stilled, staring at her, his forehead ridges raised in question. His eyes, more black than green, swirled quickly with passion.

Think, Danielle. She looked down the deserted road. The headlights of her police cruiser faded into darkness. She glanced up at the big, muscular alien. Moonlight reflected off his arsenal of weapons. Resting her hand on her empty gun holster, Danielle took a deep breath, held it to the count of ten and slowly released the air through her front teeth. A good soldier never shows fear.

She forced a seductive smile. “Do you want to fuck me, Warrior Krol?” Danielle dropped her voice to a husky whisper. Her space perp narrowed his eyes before nodding slowly. “Do you want to put this big alien cock,” she leaned forward and covered his groin with her trembling hand, “in my tight human pussy?”

He closed his eyes as she touched him. “I will fill you with my seed, my Danielle.” He was hard, so very hard, and his thick shaft pumped up and down like a vibrator, his broad cock head clearly outlined against his leather pants. Even knowing he could be the enemy, she wanted him, and her cheeks heated with shame.

Focus, Officer Danielle. He’s an alien.

She pulled a space gun out of Krol’s holster and pointed it at him. “In your dreams, big boy.” She smiled with satisfaction as his eyes widened and his mouth dropped open. “Don’t move or I’ll shoot.” She rested her thumb on a green button resembling a trigger. “And you know I mean it, so no—”

He fled, his body a flash of black and green under the moonlight. He was huge and alien and too heavily armed to be on a mission of peace. “Oh hell.” She chased him, her space gun in hand, her blood pumping with exhilaration.

He lumbered through the forest with the grace of a charging bull moose, snapping branches off the fir trees, pounding his boots on the needle-covered earth. She ran as fast as she could after him. Her lungs ached, her muscles strained and she felt alive, so very alive.

“You. Can’t. Escape. Me, Krol.” She caught a glimpse of movement, and darted in that direction.

His chuckle rolled through the air, mocking her, and then there was silence. She didn’t hear his footsteps, his breathing or any sound at all. She stopped and pivoted on her heels, squinting in the dark, cocking her head as she listened, the stillness disconcerting. The tiny hairs on the back of her neck rose and she raised her space gun, turning, turning, turning.

A branch snapped with a crack to her right and she shot, her fireball bullet burning holes through thick tree trunks as it blasted through the forest. The kickback was a bitch, the butt of the gun slamming into Danielle’s shoulder and throwing her off her feet. She landed with an oomph flat on her back.

“My Danielle.” The alien she hunted emerged from the darkness and crouched by her side. “Are you damaged?” Krol searched her skull with his fingers, looking for injury. He handled her as though she was fragile and soft. And as if she was unworthy of respect or love.

“Respect this.” She released years of resentment upon the alien, pistol-whipping him with the barrel of his own space gun.


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Buy Now on ARe:  http://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-ravishedbymoonbeam-672416-144.html

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