A Writer’s Imagination

By on March 9, 2013

Here’s my answer to this week’s flash fiction challenge!

I’m hunched over my keyboard, furiously typing, rushing to finish the last two hundred words of the story I’m working on. The mysterious alien being is revealing his true selves to the heroine. She gapes at his multiple forms, reaches out, and—

“I’m home!” the hubby hollers. It’s Friday, which means his weekend has started.

“Ugh.” I grimace, my weekend remaining two hundred words away. “I’m in a story right now.”

Reiter the Unicorn Prince, prances past, laughing that annoying laugh of his, searching for the Bookdragon.

“This isn’t your story, hay burner,” I mumble, ignoring Reiter’s antics.

The human heroine runs her trembling fingers over her now-multiple heroes’ bare chests.

“Whoa,” a deep voice rumbles behind me.

I look over my shoulder. The hubby is staring up at a huge two-headed green dragon. I blink. “How did you get in here?”

“Where am I?” He taps a large green scale with one of his fingertips.

“My imagination.”

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