Flash Fiction: Claudia’s Cowboy

By on March 7, 2013

I wrote this flash fiction for Claudia’s birthday (one of my reading buddies). Happy birthday Claudia!

“I told that chirpy assistant of yours I wasn’t interested.” Travis Trent, owner of the Circle T, stood with his denim-clad legs braced apart and his black Stetson pulled low, the brim shadowing his sky-blue eyes. “This is a working ranch, not one of your fancy Hollywood sets.”

Beth tilted her head back and gazed up, up, up at the big cowboy. “I’m the chirpy assistant and, as I explained on the phone, Miss Claudia needs to experience a working ranch to research her role.”

“You’re the assistant,” Travis scoffed. “Yeah, right. I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck, lady. I know an actress when I see one.” He perused her slowly, his gaze skimming over her form, as intimate as any caress. “And you’re too purty to be anything other than an actress.” He paused at her scuffed cowboy boots and his jet-black eyebrows lifted. “Wearing borrowed boots.”

This big hulk of a man thinks I’m pretty? Beth blinked, accustomed to being overlooked and invisible. “These are my boots.” She stepped toward him. Heat rolled off his muscular body, enticing her even closer. “And they’re staying planted right here until you agree.”

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